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2010-09-13 15:17:33 by Scuzzfest

SO, anyone even know I exsist still?

Fuck it, Yeah I've gone to some more meets, Matlock with some good friends and another London meet, without a doubt they get more and more interesting everytime and are definetely something I'm glad to be involved with, Thanks Luis for hosting them and everything you do to make them possible.

Yeah I still haven't animated anything, leave me alone, I wa sin the sketchbook collab though and, SHIT, front page art, Yeah If this doesn't get in the Calendar this year I might just kill myself, or Oliver, whichever you prefer, so yeah, keep an eye on me guys, one day I'll produce something incredible, I promise.

Love y'all,
Pauly Wauly.


For all my loyal fans (All 7 of you) I thought I owed you a new news post bearing in mind it's been a whole year nearly, and I have actually done quite a lot. NO NOT THE SOLAR SQUADRON OLIVER.
So yeah since the last post I've actually been to 3 more meets. Yeah, I clearly set the news post worthy bar quite high if I thought they didn't deserve one. They've all been pretty damn fun, the London meets allowing me to reunite with old pals and a chance to make new friends, they have shown me NG is really a cracking community with some excellent people. The Amsterdam meet was just a complete piss up, I tihnk I permanently damaged my brain from all the gallivanting out there, But it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, It showed me a new side of meetups, ie. Getting wasted with a bunch of NGers is a lot different to just chilling with NGers. I look forward to going to a lot more meets in the future, and fagging around with you guys as long as Luis keep's hosting 'em. (Thanks btw) you make a General lurker feel like a true Reg'.

Animation wise, well it's a combination of a lot of things, School, Exams and laziness that have stopped me actually doing stuff. I've got projects lined up and will definitely be releasing something ASAP. Sorry about being a Fag and not actually doing anything.

Other then that shit I guess there's not much to say. I still love you guys as much as ever, I'll still be dicking around on the BBS, Still be going to meets and still be fagotting around on Xbox (GT: Scuzzfest). So I guess I'll update a bit more regularly for you all. Leave me random comments that are completely off topic, I like chatting to you fags. Till next time. Hugs and Kisses.


I make sigs 'n' shit. PM if you want one,
I like doing stuff for you people.

So I guess I owe you guys one....

So it's been a wee while now, a whole year infact this day since I signed this account up to NG back in '07 (No I'm not going to try and prove I've been here since '99 or something..... around 04 I'd say), A lots happened since then, I got a glorious Wacom to help build my potential, I've met and made many good friends online and met a lot of them offline at the London meet, one of the greater experiences of my life which i hope to repeat at the $th meet on Jan 19th. It's been a great bunch of years now roaming and lurking NG, back from the first flash I watched Salad fingers and the first game I played Alien Hominid, It's been a great ride folks, one I hope never stops.

To celebrate this wonderful and slightly pitiful occasion, I've decided to actual announce I'm doing something that's not classwork and is worthy of putting on NG, to be honest we do bugger all to do with flash in class in most lessons now, what with all the artsy out of the way and burning straight through the spreadsheets and other horrors in IT. Anyway to make sure I stop doing very quick lame slap and dash animation, I've started a project, this project is The Solar Squadron, a story about reformation, honour, pride.... OK it's planets with hats on their heads, but that's clearly amazing and super.

Of course it's a bit more complex then that but the scripts all done and I hope to be recording voices and animating away shortly with all the characters, places blah de blah pretty much ready to go, this is something I hope I can dedicate a lot of time to and be proud of something major, I can promise you when it's finished, episode one will be worth watching and you'll want to keep watching the shenanigans of all the members of Solar Squadron.

And yeah I'll probably need some help of voice actors soon, My real life pals are already lending a hand and getting involved with the series and hopefully a few good NG names will be able to provide voices aswell.

I'll update you wonderful fellows and lasses as The Solar Squadron gets more and more under way.
Cheers' for all the laughs and amazing few years so far NG, and the year so far attached to my username.

Till I can be arsed to post again with something even more credible,

Upcoming series: The Solar Squadron + One year anniversary.

Wow I'm lazy: London meet.

2008-09-17 13:33:45 by Scuzzfest

Hello there people, Been a while.

So I'm an incredibly lazy person and was planning on doing some big douchey write up about my London meet shenanigans but pretty much realised No-one gives that much of a toss so I'm going to steal Tim's idea and just do little reviews of everyone I can remember.

London meet
I only typed first names if Your user was ridiculously hard for my tiny brain to comprehen- ok I'm just lazy.

You are a very interesting guy, thanks for sticking with me when the big black doormen wouldn't let me in anywhere, it was great getting to know you and all your flash work and stuff, Playing pendulum full pelt at 3am was also great fun.

Mogly Tom
Good pals we were, we shared the same interests and I had lots of cool times with you from timing our walk down to Buckingham palace to watching silly 90's intros with you on youtube.

Haha, You scared the crap out of me with that kick bottle, And to say the least we should not pursue careers in microsoft technical support. It was cool hanging around with someone with such an awesome accent. We had fun. and don't worry I won't be sticking condoms up my nose any time soon.

You knew me, holy hell someone knew me. It was fun meeting you and watching you run blindly across streets filled with taxis to get the decent tourist photo, I promise next time I won't pose like a complete bellend at the guards.

Dave you wonderful man, thanks for being my tour guide around the flat, around Russell square and in general being really helpful with everything. You're good at telling stories and very charismatic, use it to your advantage. Nice tats by the way. You beat the shit out of me when it came to eating at the greasy spoon.

You met the guy who made bunny suicides! You lucky son of a... It was cool meeting you, Remind me to talk more next time. Must be cool with you and James being buds, Wish my friends were as into NG as you guys are.

Leo the lion indeed, You were swell to talk to. Your shirt made me giggle, one of the many who proved mods aren't douchebags! The leaving photo we got was a hell of a memory. Hope to chat again soon.

Jesus I've never met someone so lively, You're a hell of a crazy guy Bez, Your camera was always snappy snappy and you knew what you was talking about. And you could dance anyone under the table. I think you looked crazier with the fro. :P

Thanks for lending us the Fed to cover my god awful hair, It was nice to see a friendly face when I came out of Russell square. All your ideas seem so imaginative and lively. and yeah your snake voice was better then Ego's. Seriously though when I was looking in the fridge and I heard your peter voice, I literally thought the fat man himself had walked into the room!

One of the guys I enjoyed meeting by knowing his work for ages. I'll always love akira the dons hypocrite. Hope you got something awesome with all those tickets. Goggles are completely and utterly insane to wear everywhere, I wish I'd thought of it first. :D

You're a nice guy, We had some fun being crap at deal or no deal and talking in the cafe. Soz I didn't get a proper bye in, Us young uns all got split so quick. see ya' next time!

Dean you crazy drunk, You are a great influence on people with all your nose condom ideas, Try to show up sober next time haha. You're a walking party man!

We didn't talk enough, what were we doing, we're stupid boys, you seemed like a decent guy, I'm sure well actually speak to each other next time.

So much drink and so little time, When you tried to play rockband and did the singing, drumming and gutiar all at once... Jesus man you're a hell of a crazy guy. You and Keith remind me of Laurel and Hardy, Another Awesome mod. Rock on!

Harry (the one who is happy)
You were a hella' cool guy, Your flash is awesome and your a great guy out and about! Wish I had more friends as fun as you. See ya' in Jan for round 2!

The super flash dudes Tom 'n' Dim
Why did I not talk to you guys enough. form what I saw your both very nice guys and Tom we'd be nowhere without your organisation and knowledge of London, Soz the only thing I said was a buy at the end. Dim, Dammit I finally said Hi and some other kid dragged me away to talk to me about some crap. I've always admired both of your works, I'll talk mor enext time round!

We suck at house of the dead. You were a very 'laxed guy and cool to talk to, remind me to share more words with you aswell next meet, we seemed to have a bit in common. When we all got cut off at the tube it felt to early. ;-(

Your accent was so cool, Slovenian gives men the power of a sexy voice.... I man uh yeah you never told me you made the classroom! it was like halfway through until I knew and felt like a giddy schoolgirl! We weren't strict enough at the hallway club, we will force people to stay up longer next time, Also my carmine figure says hi to marcus.

You left so early, we didn't get enough chance to chit chat and for me to be awful at video games with you. You were a hell of a nice and witty guy. Hope to see you at the next meet!

You're to god dam good at rockband! It's not legal to be that good, Totally awesome guy, you and Harry made a funny couple, Like two old ladies haha. Another super mod. You're doing it wrong! :D

Waffles... Belgian or potato. Great talking to someone else from general about NG in the cafe. You are a super guy to chat to and know your way around the BBS. Till we meet again old chum. :D

Your Luis day flash was awesome. Why did you walk out the room :D. We didn't exchange to many words but I got the gist that you're a funny guy. We shall meet again!

Irish accents are kewl. You never did explain what that meet the author thing was all about. For the few words that we swapped, I gathered you were a nice guy. I'll make sure to speak more if you tally ho over from Ireland next time round.

Thanks Tons Lu for letting us have this great experience, you truly are the NG user of the year. Can't wait until the next NG meet... and the one after... and the on after that! We will talk more next time I promise. You are a swell guy! Thanks again!

I think that's pretty much everyone, If I forgot you I'm sorry, I did this all very quick and tried not to miss of anyone.

Till I see all you boys again (And maybe some ladies next year)! Rock and fukin' roll!

Luis' big collection 'O' Photos.
Stolen from luis:
Top row: EviLDoG, Wonchop, HappyHarry87, BananaBreadMuffin, AsthmaticHamster, Kirk-Cocaine, ChromeShark, TheHappySheep
Middle row: Luis, the-EXP, Morbid-Giggle, Oney, Jtm17, WilliWowza, Shalashaska-1, sirtom93
Bottom row: TimFrommeyer, Bezman, Scuzzfest, JPI, AlmightyHans, MrAnarchy and a random old woman who we'll call WadeFulp

Wow I'm lazy: London meet.

EyeLovePoozy's Crane Cam and The NG Comic Con cam.

2008-07-21 19:34:09 by Scuzzfest


It's my summer holidays and I'm to lazy and cheap to go out and do stuff so I'm gonna' spend a lot of time on EyeLovePoozy's Crane Cam on Stickcam and when The Newgrounds @ Comic Con Camera is up I'll be spamming my way around that aswell I'm sure.

So if you want to pop by Poozy's camera or the comic con camera you'll see me there in black and white because the colour is stupid and won't work. Leave any comments about my crappy shennanigans here.

In other news I am working on Flash about now and hope to have something released soon.


UPDATE: I've decided to turn this into a daily blog seeing as Im on here to much.
Day 1 (21/7/08) -
I can already tell everyone likes me on the chat.

Wel the first day of Poozy's crane cam and I did lot's of stupid things to make sure everyone knew I was a tard'. I dressed up as a ninja and did lots of ridiculous singing, dancin and penicorn related fun. All in all a good start to my very lame internet popularity...


Day 2 (22/7/08) - People like my sister...

Certain people who I will not name DEW seem to have taken a keen interest in my 13 year old sister. The height of my comedy today was when I was dared to steal her bra or something so I found a swimming costume. Screenshot badly taken by DarkRedFlame. It was all fun aswell when my mum showed up ad started wondering what the fuck a MILF was when Darkredflame started typing that lots into the message bar.


Day 4 (24/7/08) - Comic con cam is up.

Undoubtedly everyone quickly abandoned poor old Poozy and went to the Ng cam, I will stay there to comfort him though. Although I headed over to the NG cam to start of my spamming. In other news today Phsyco-Pickle showed his face today! I didn't have the heart to embarass him by screenshotting it. Ill be on both cams now dressing up and doing lots of stupid stuff tomorrow, as soon as I've see The Dark knight!

Penicorns are awesome.


Days 5 and 6 (25-26/7/09) - Camera down and Movies of the year.

Well on the 25th the camera was down for reasons only Poozy knows and I refused to go on the bloody Newgrounds one after all the spamming crap that happens during the day. Also on that day I saw Wall-E, Purely an amazing piece of film, how the characters were portrayed besides having no real voice is amazing and I can't explain the wonderful sappy feelings even the hardest of men will get seeing that film, Truly stunning. On the 26th I appeared for a bit for Poozy's cam but I'm at my Dad's and away from my main PC so I won't be on loads for the week because I have to share the Laptop with my sister, If that's a reason for you to hate her Dew then there it is.

I also saw the Dark Knight today having an unlimited pass at Cineworld. Boy was that an amazing film. Ledger did brilliantly portraying himself as the Joker, It's a terrible loss to Hollywood to know that he won't be around to play that beautifully sinister role again. The writing and plot twists in that film are also brilliant so for god sake if you see two films this year SEE WALL-E AND BATMAN! Anyway I'll be on one of the cams tomorrow hopefully (Poozy's is funny and has less OMG IT'S TOMFULP! fags on it so probably his) and I have one more question about some of you people critisising my webcam shennanigans... Why so serious?


Days 7 and 8 - (26-27/7/08) - Poozy's enjoying his weekend and to much spam at comic con.

Good God it's hot, I can't belive how boiling it must be roasting in that little crane compartment for Poozy. for obvious reasons aka it's his weekend he hasn't got his cam on so I'm not putting my smug little face there for these two days. And Jesus Christ the comic con cam is full with idiots that just scream and spam.

Noob1848: OMG ITS TOM FULP!!!!!1!!
Scuzzfest Hi Everyone
Scuzzfest: I just said Hi because I know people in here.
COck39e99: FUCK U U fukIN NAzi SPAZZ
*Scuzzfest has left the room.

So I think I'll just keep within the boundaries of Poozy's cam when he gets back on the job.
In other news, I should hopefully have a flash out soon that Im making and in response to a comment by AxeWarrior, I do have have the attention span to work hard :D Here's a little drawing of Hancock landing I drew when I wanted a bit of practise drawing odd body shapes.

Ps. I didn't know the penguin was in the Dark knight!

EyeLovePoozy's Crane Cam and The NG Comic Con cam.

Pcs suck...

2008-04-17 13:02:16 by Scuzzfest

Hi NG,

For anyone who cares I'm not able to pop onto NG for a while now, My pc exploded ages back and I finally got around to posting about it.

I would still like to thank NG for the Wacom tablet it's already helped me so much in school and I'm enjoying making flashes with it in my lunch break at school.

Hope to be back asap, I've got money in the bank so I should be back shortly



2007-12-23 17:28:59 by Scuzzfest

If anyone knows I won a Wacom Tablet 6x11!

I won this because it will help massively at my school with creativity and IT!

Thank you very Much Newgrounds for not only being the best community around but Listening to good reasons unlike big dodgy coorporations!


Finally Here!

2007-12-12 17:37:37 by Scuzzfest

I've been a follower of Newgrounds for about 3 or 4 years now but I never got around to signing up lately, Originally I had an account called Big-Nose-James ages ago but it became a bit hectic what with schoolwork and family, Lately I've seen all the good and been following my favourite series and artists (RAB, The Swain, Wonchop) and met some new favourites (Allen Awsome, My new grounds).

As you may of seen on my page I do some flashwork at school when I can but with a few family problems I can't afford it at home at the moment so I won't be doing anything massive at the moment in that field besides doodling So i'm Glad I finally got around to this and look foward to rejoining this sweet community.


Finally Here!